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PokeScopeTM 3D Viewer
A Pocket Stereoscope for Computers!

Brand new for 2001, a compact folding prismatic stereoscope for viewing stereo pair images of any size. 

"... the PokeScope is one of the best designed and crafted devices ever to reach the market."
          -- Stereo World Magazine.

The view through a PokeScope 3D viewer.  (Simulation.)
PokeScope viewer causes the left and right images to be superimposed.  The dark field around each image eliminates distractions from the view.

Works with:


Closed, sealed, and ready for your pocket: 2 inch (5 cm) square shape.

How to Operate:

For a 17 inch computer monitor, your viewing distance should be about 2 feet. 

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Patent Pending Graphic Media Research
PokeScope is a trademark of Graphic Media Research
Viewport is a trademark of Graphic Media Research