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New Dimensions in SEX and Beauty

3d CD-ROM project by Larry Ferguson and Boris Starosta

The CD is currently shipping. The CD is being produced in LIMITED quantities.

About the editions:

Each Limited Edition CD comes with anaglyph/stereo pair cover artwork, printed on an Espon 1270 printer on glossy photo paper (see below). Each cover is individually signed by both Boris Starosta and Larry Ferguson, and is individually numbered. Likewise, the CD label is an anaglyph printed with the Epson 1270, and individually numbered by hand. These images are photo quality. The CD comes to you in a slim jewel case. This is a very nice professional looking package!

In addition to the CD, you receive a pair of paperboard anaglyph glasses (made by American Paper Optics with top quality red/cyan filters).

The CD contains:

Without a doubt, this is the finest collection of modern stereoscopic nude and erotic images currently available anywhere.

The CD is formatted to be legible to both Macs and PCs. The contents of the CD are driven by html files that include background information, artist resumés, how to order fine art, etc. For viewing the stereo images on the CD, several options/utilities are included. For users of JAVA capable browsers (should be most of you), Monte Ramstad has kindly included for me his very capable Stereo ViewportTM. This utility allows viewing images in reduced size, full size, or zoomed size. This is especially nice for the stereo pair images. The Viewport also allows switching the pairs from parallel to cross-eyed mode. Other viewing solutions provided are direct links to image subdirectories, and an html-driven slide show. For Mac users, each image directory includes an additional freestanding slide show viewer.

The MPEG file is of excellent quality, with minimal artifacting, and can be watched quite nicely at full screen (800x600) resolution. It is nearly VHS quality. (This is a fun video to watch. As tradition indicates, on the last day of the NSA convention, Larry Ferguson, Boris Starosta, and several other friends went "sightseeing" in Buffalo. The sights seen were just a little different, though...) 

About the artists:

Larry Ferguson has over two decades experience as a commercial portrait photographer and artist. He has had over 300 Museum and Gallery exhibitions (Art Institute of Chicago, Walker Art Center, The Friends of Photography, etc.). In 2002, Larry won first prize in the stereoview competition at the annual convention of the National Stereoscopic Association in Riverside.

Boris Starosta is well known in the stereo photography community, with numerous awards in international competions, including "Stereo Image of the Year 2000", "Stereo Image of the Year 2001", and "Stereo Print Image of the Year" in 2002 in the Photographic Society of America. In 2001, Boris won first and third place in the stereoview competition at the annual convention of the National Stereoscopic Association in Buffalo, and first place in the annual competition of the Stereoscopic Society of America.

Together, Boris and Larry represent the vanguard in contemporary fine art nude and erotic stereoscopic photography. Both artists sell original artworks to collectors the world over, but this CD marks their debut in the multimedia market. This CD represents your first opportunity to obtain images from these artists in a very economical package.


CD case front cover is a stereo pair and an anaglyph.


This is a Ferguson stereoview, shown at about 1/2 scale. Views on CD will be twice this size.


This is a Starosta anaglyph stereoview, shown at about 2/3 scale. Image on CD will be 1.5 times bigger.


This is an actual size frame (2x size) captured from John Goodman's video on the CD.


In summation:

Without a doubt, this is the finest collection of stereoscopic nude and erotic images currently available. The first 100 buyers get $20 worth in coupons good towards fine art purchase.

You must be over 21 to purchase.

How to order:

IMPORTANT: please send your order via email to



The CDs are sold on a first come - first served basis. The availability of your CD is determined and acknowledged when you send an email which confirms that you intend to buy the CD (mere inquiries do not constitute a confirmation). The CDs will be allocated in the order that such confirmation emails are received.

Your cost for the CD is $59.95 plus $5 shipping and handling (in continental U.S. Overseas S+H is $10). It will be shipped carefully packed in a bubble lined envelope.

Please indicate in your order:

Payments may be made out to

Boris Starosta,
300 West Main STE 102-B,
Charlottesville, VA 22903

Thank you very much, again for your support, and for your order.

Boris Starosta



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