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The 3d Beauties to the left are samples from my several CD-ROMs, which have hundreds more in several 3d formats. Please click the link at right for more information, and then BUY a copy.

The human body is a work of art in living space, whose many facets of beauty cannot be captured in any one medium. With stereography, I merge the qualities of photography and sculpture to give you the best possible rendering of that beauty.


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Hundreds of 3d Glamour, fine art nude, and erotic pictures.. in the most affordable digital format.

3d Debutante Slide Sets
The ultimate in detail and realism is obtained by ordering one of my slide sets. These are the most economical way to obtain a high resolution, truly immersive 3d experience. Just a few sets left in this vintage format.

3d Fine Art Prints
Anaglyph and vintage Holmes format prints available at auction and through subscription.

Many different kinds of viewers are available for the different 3d image formats: anaglyph glasses, stereo pair lorgnettes, stereoscopes, stereo slide viewers, etc.

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