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3d Print Images for Collectors

Click here to see what I have at auction on eBay.

I appreciate your interest in my artwork. I use (online auctions), plus my private e-mailing list, to sell my art as it is produced. Please do send me an email, if you are interested - email to Boris at the domain "" I produce and sell my art in several formats, detailed below. Occasionally, I sell older stock at auction, and sometimes I sell original transparencies in 35mm or 6x6 format or original polaroids - these are obviously the most valuable.

To order, contact Boris at the domain ""

Stereocards (vintage Holmes format stereoviews)

Stereo cards offer excellent sharpness and detail, and are a convenient, popular image format for collectors. Click here to see what that means in terms of image detail.

Stereo cards are more valuable to collectors and are made of the best images as my time permits. These are then offered via online auction, with announcements going out on my e-mail list, or through a subscription service. Many of my cards are sized Cabinet (4" tall), Deluxe (4.5" tall), or Imperial (4.75 to 5" tall). If you are interested in subscribing but the larger sizes are a problem, please let me know.

There is a limited stock of older images available - see the NUDE Cards Gallery, and the CREATIVE Cards Gallery. Although most of my cards are open edition, I do make some unique Sponsor Proof and Limited Edition cards. Contact me for details.

Stereo card images are printed from the original transparency on Fuji Crystal Archive paper for maximum permanence. The process is through the new Fuji Frontier machine, which, although digital, makes a fantastic image. For those of you who are familiar with my duplicate slide sets of years past, note that the prints from the Frontier machine carry more original detail and resolution than the slide dupes! The cards are hand made with permanent acid-free adhesive and 4 ply museum board. Each card comes individually signed.

If you do not have a stereoscope, cards can be viewed with stereoscopes or lorgnettes available for as little as four dollars. The ideal 3d viewer for the taller cards that I make is Alan Lewis's Achromatic Lorgnette II. Touch here for information on his lorgnettes. I do sell a plastic lorgnette ($3) suitable for the first-time buyer.

Anaglyph prints

Anaglyph prints are a newer and more sophisticated medium. Although these prints are viewed with red/blue lens 3d glasses to see the 3d effect, I like to make my anaglyph images look good "flat" too. My specialty is in anaglyphs, and you can be sure your print will be unique among works of contemporary art. I prepare the prints from specially suited images as my time permits. These are then offered via online auction, with announcements going out on my e-mail list, or again through a subscription service.

The anaglyph images are printed with an Epson 1270 inkjet printer onto the Epson Matte Paper Heavy Weight using Epson's 1270 "lightfast" inkset. Advertised display longevity using these materials is up to 26 years. (Epson recommends mounting the print under glass to get the maximum longevity for display. Longevity in storage, such as in the archival sleeve I've supplied, would be even longer, possibly indefinite.) Each print is individually signed, and comes supplied with a paperboard anaglyph viewer. They are very sharp and hold lots of detail, click to see here!

For the anaglyph connoisseur, I offer two robust plastic anaglyph glasses that give a very fine view. The E-3d glasses ($7) with slight diopter are fantastic for persons tending towards farsightedness. They also have excellent color qualities. Then the ProView glasses ($7) are great for the nearsighted persons.

Large Format Stereo Pair prints

These are the ultimate in fine art presentation. Each half pair image is printed up to 10 x 12 inches, for a stereo pair up to 12 x 20. Using the latest inkjet technology and printing from drum scans of the original chrome film, these prints reproduce wonderful three dimensional detail and tonality. The pair is viewed with a special mirror stereoscope, absent any optical aberrations, allowing a breathtaking view of the whole scene or optionally an enlarged/zoomed view. Available in 2003.

To order, contact Boris at the domain ""

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